Who are we?

We are the Kalakars (artists) in Kalakari Kake !!!


At Kalakari kake, we see the beauty in everything and get inspired everything around us, not just things that are beautiful. We design with purpose and craft with quirk. Every product is a blend of Indian culture and urban cool designs, it’s a fusion of craft and Humour. Our craft contains both purpose and quirkiness . We started out in 2018 with a bunch of inexperienced ,freshly graduated design students (with a badass aesthetic sense and willing ness to risk it all).After gaining enough exposure to the local market we decided to design and develop "our kind of products"- along with our belief in 'loving what one does' idea.

Ideas behind our products

Thus, our design team take inspiration from their(our) everyday life and turn them into  creative masterpieces which we wish to share with you.


As they say beauty is in the eye of beholder. We make it bit easy for your eyes to spot that beauty. Our products speak which are inspired from life itself. No matter how fast or laid back it may be. We wish Not only this we wish to connect with our customers through our products. Make it more personal.

And, customer satisfaction is one of our major goals.

Amit Sethi
Arts & Crafts

Why us?

Handmade-Every single product of ours is handmade. Our products aren't about machine-made perfection, they celebrate handmade imperfection.

Fusion-Fusing elements enhances both utility and humour which makes products more purposeful, easier to use and simpler to clean. All along, keeping them food safe.

Sustainable- We’ve learned from nature that what looks good also does good. That’s why, sustainability is at the heart of our design thinking. None of our products come at the cost of the environment. Our processes, materials, designs and ideas are an expression of love for Mother Nature

Form & function- The universe shows that utility and beauty go hand in hand. Purpose and beauty are partners. We’ve taken that inspiration and brought into every product. They look just as good as they do good. Every product is thoughtful and quirky.

Food safe -Every design and material we use is food safe. It’s safe to serve in, it’s safe to cook in (wherever it isn’t, we make sure to mention it). Our products fulfil their core purpose while retaining their beauty.

Like any other homegrown brand..kalakari kake is our baby..and we want nothing else but to see it grow not only in the monetary terms, but we need it to be the first preference of our customers in case they wish to fill their abode with quirky and tiny trinkets which brings a smile to their face every time they use it.


We wish to provide our customers with our 100%  - be it a product or service.

After all Kalakari Kake are a bunch of crazy ass designers...you name it we make it !